Retail brands are leveraging brand collaborations, influencers, and social media platforms to expand their reach. Retail landlords should too.

Hellojenny is a conduit between a property’s overall leasing strategy and the audiences reached through social media via retailers, influencers, and the community.

Social Media for Properties

We begin by understanding the overall merchandising strategy for an asset from the property leasing and brokerage teams, and then aligning that with a social media strategy.
Hellojenny uses several different tactics to create a digital sales funnel for the leasing team including:

Direct messaging tenants in categories based on direction from the leasing strategy. We send interested tenants an email introduction to the leasing team.

Your consumer is telling you something every time they engage (or don’t) on a post.
By practicing social listening and translating the analytics we create custom reports for specific retailers for the leasing team to deliver in order to complement their leasing efforts.

Leverage Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to give local retailers an opportunity to test the market while keeping occupancy rates up.

Influencers are just as effective as brokers when it comes to suggesting where a tenant should locate. We incentivize our influencers when there is a signing of a lease at the property.

It is much easier to build a relationship with a brand that is part of the desired merchandising strategy through collaboration than through discussing long-term leases. Think of this as asking a brand out for a date, rather than asking them to get married.

Retail properties are so much more than buildings. These properties evoke emotion and are part of people’s lives. We believe in showcasing the best of each property—the people, tenants, experiences, and meals shared at a property.

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