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The real power behind social media goes much deeper than posts. The secret is the access. Most business owners have their business social media on their phones. Sending them a direct message is like sending them a text message. With each individual like, comment or share given by an individual, it is an endorsement to their entire network. The reach is exponential.

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Americans are on social media. 75% of them check their apps daily.

 (Source: Pew Research)

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of Americans would rather give up sex for a year than their smartphone.

(Source: Boston Consulting Group)

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People today have 2X more interactions with brands on mobile than anywhere else—websites, TV, in store, you name it.

(Source: Google, 2017)

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of web traffic is on mobile devices. Mobile devices account for every 2 out of 3 minutes spent online.

(Source: BrightEdge)

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of smartphone users expect to get immediate information while using their phones.

(Source: Google, 2019)

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of global Internet users say they are constantly connected.

(Source: Brandwatch)